CCM hosted events for kids on Sunday


Candyland Children’s Museum (CCM) hosted an event at River Days on Sunday for young children to explore hands-on activities. The museum has been serving the community’s youth since December of 2021.

Since that time, executive director Megan Baum has worked hard to provide opportunities for the children in the community to learn and grow through care, compassion, and hands-on learning.

“How children learn best is through play and hands-on learning,” says Baum. “We have rock painting, friendship bracelets, we have the River Days queens coming to paint kids’ faces, we have some chalk, and a big photo backdrop for pictures,” she continued.

With several families and children present, the event was unsurprisingly well received. The sounds of laughter and excitement dominated the area. Kids took pleasure engrossing themselves in the sensory tables and the other crafting areas.

A Popsicle greeted the hands of the many young River Days attendees as they arrived. The children were ecstatic with the outcome, and Baum couldn’t be more pleased.

“The kids had a great time. It was good to see grandparents and relatives with parents playing alongside their kids,” says Baum. “We were blessed to have the River Days Queens there. They’re such amazing young women that seem to be really inspiring to the young people that came. It was a great day of creativity and hands on fun.”

Although there are plenty of activities for adults, Baum believes it’s important to give back to the kids and to give them learning activities and opportunities to grow.

“There were definitely things lacking for children and young families, so we believe that we can provide a service so parents with young children can come and take part in the amazing event that is River Days,” Baum said

It gave an excellent example Sunday, that learning is not just something done at school, but a thing that can be done at any time or place, something that never truly stops.

Candyland Children’s Museum is located at 202 Market St, Portsmouth, Ohio and is open to the public Monday through Saturday.

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