Student Government Association works to be a voice for SSU students


Shawnee State University’s Student Government Association (SGA) prides itself as a voice for all SSU students. The organization funds and manages student-led clubs and organizations on campus while also meeting regularly with administration, faculty, and staff at the university to advocate for students’ needs and interests.

This year, the SGA Executive Board is made up of President Elizabeth Sullivan (Hometown: Ironton, OH), Vice President Brandon Reed (Hometown: Mansfield, OH), Secretary Trevor Zimmerman (Hometown: Portsmouth, OH), and Club Coordinator Nicholas Crabtree (Hometown: Lucasville, OH). The group’s goal this year is to leave a positive impact through their work that reaches the entire student body.

“We want to ensure that commuters, first-generation students, international students, on-campus students, student-athletes, campus leaders, and all other groups are heard and represented,” said Sullivan. “SGA wants to make sure that students have the resources to find and make the connections they want to make.”

SGA oversees three committees within their organization – Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Organizational Affairs – that allow students the opportunity to present any recommendations or suggestions they have for each of those areas within the university. The committees provide an opportunity for the student body to be involved with the direction of the organization as well as the campus community at large. As the new year begins, SGA is looking for new students to become a part of these committees in Senator positions.

“The Senator position requires that the student sit on university committees to voice students’ opinions, attend weekly SGA meetings, and report back to their SGA committee weekly,” said Sullivan.

SGA meets weekly in public meetings on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. in the Student Resource Hub on campus. All students are welcome to attend and the meetings hold a public views section for students to bring forward any concerns or ideas they have for campus. As an opportunity to promote the many different clubs and organizations on campus, SGA will also host an Organization Fair on Thursday, Sept. 8 in the Morris University Center starting at 3 p.m.

“All students are welcome to join in the fair to meet club representatives and make connections with others,” said Sullivan.

To learn more about the Shawnee State University Student Government Association, visit

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