2022 Scioto County 4-H Project Judging Awards


Global Gourmet: Emily Scaff – 1st. Snack Attack: Quentin Weaver – 1st, Emily Stepp – 2nd, Star-Spangled Foods: Hannah Whitt – 1st, Dashboard Dining: Emily Scaff – 1st, Grill Master: Cora Alexander – 1st, Let’s Start Cooking: Kristine Evans – 1st, Let’s Bake Quick Breads: Kaleena Adkins – 1st, Reagan Rolfe – 2nd, Most Promising Young Chef – Hannah Whitt, Overall Outstanding Chef – Emily Scaff

Cake Decorating – Junior Class: Emmalee Kasper -1st, Mollie Morrisette – 2nd, Ella Craft – 3rd, Cake Decoration – Senior Class: Addison Mullins

Woodworking level 1 – Eli Blevins – 1st, Acesus Ruggles – 2nd, Emmylou Ward -3rd, Woodworking level 2 – Kevin Elliott – 1sst, Wood Working level 3 – Layton Mullins – 1st, Ethan Mullins – 2nd, Overall Woodworking – Junior 13 and under – Ethan Mullins, Overall Woodworking – Senior – 14 and over – Layton Mullins

Rockets Away: Levi Beekman – 1st, Magic of Electricity: Ash Miller – 1st, Vet Science: Addison Mullins – 1st, Ohio Birds: Emmalee Kasper – 1st, Geology: Ash Miller – 1st, Overall STEM – Addison Mullins

ATV Safety: Reagan Ibarra, Fishing for the Beginner: Abel Arey – 1st, Linkin Crabtree – 2nd, Overall Natural Resources – Reagan Ibarra

First Aid in Action: Bentley Wood – 1st, Kylie Blevins – 2nd, Self-Determined – Junior: Loganne Beekman, – 1st, Avery Phillips – 2nd, Lachlyn Beekman – 3rd, Self-Determined – Senior: Addison Mullins – 1st, Alayna Sites – 2nd, Walker McHenry/Deegan Thacker – 3rd

Get Started in Art – Junior: Adaleigh Porter– 1st, Gabriel Walker – 2nd, Alisha O’Bryan – 3rd, Get Started in Art – Senior: Abigail Winters, Polar Science: Kameron Shelley – 1st, Aleigha Spradlin – 2nd, Tate Jenkins – 3rd, Discovering 4-H: Gabriel Walker – 1st

Finding Your Voice: Rachel Davenport – 1st, Leadership Road Trip – Emily Scaff – 1st, Am I ready for Work: Emily Scaff – 1st, Hands to Larger Service: Lainie Johnson – 1st, Overall Leadership – Rachel Davenport

The Laundry Project: Mayli Triggs – 1st, Aleigha Spradlin – 2nd, Bentley Wood – 3rd, Overall Home Project – Mayli Triggs

Photography Basics: Olivia Fleenor – 1st, Sophie Swords – 2nd, Morgan Clere – 3rd, Mastering Photography: Aerianna Caldwell – 1st

The Writer in You: Elijah Kasper – 1st, Jaxon Bentley – 2nd, Lauren Chamberlin – 3rd

Scrapbooking: Emily Scaff- 1st Ambrea Sowards – 2nd

2022 Style Review Winners

Embellish: Cameron Perkins, Sundresses and Jumpers: Claire Bradford – 1st, Kamryn Billiter – 2nd, Sew Fun: Skylehn Billiter – 1st, Aleigha Spradlin – 2nd, Creative Costumes: Chloe McIntire – 1st, Dress Up Outfits: Kaitlyn Campbell – 1st


You can Quilt: Adrian Hurst, Quilting the Best Better – Kayden Bentley – 1st, Overall Quilting Winner – Adrian Hurst

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