City manager’s agenda and report


The Portsmouth City Manager, Sam Sutherland, announced the agenda and provided a report for the Monday, August 8th meeting that will immediately follow Portsmouth City Council’s meeting. The meeting is located at 728 Second Street, Portsmouth.

Items on the city manager’s conference meeting include America the Beautiful grant match, Sciotoville bike path, Spartan Stadium Cultural Facilities grant, Downtown housing, healthcare access, and Sciotoville investment.

According to Sutherland’s report the city received a $36,262.50 ODNR Padding Enhancement grant. The USACOE seepage barrier wall project will shift to 24 hour operation soon. The police impound lot collected $99,885.50 and had $31, 052.75 in expenses for a net revenue of $68,832.75. There was 99 parking citations and 736 moving citations. There has been 12,292 calls for the year.

The public service department collected 721.51 tons of city trash and 763.40 tons of other trash. The July revenue was $21,941.88 with $174,748.52 for the year. The report states there were 8 July funerals.

The meeting is open to the public if you wish to attend for more information or questions.

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