Travel gifts for recent graduates on the go

As COVID-19-inspired travel restrictions are loosened across the globe, many newly minted graduates are eager to travel the world.

Graduates planning such excursions whether large or small will need essentials to help them make the most of their travels.

Wireless headphones/earbuds:

Travelers can enjoy crisp, perfect sound while on the go without the need for wires. Wireless devices can be used on planes, buses and other forms of transportation to listen to music, movies, television shows, or podcasts.

Lightweight daypack:

Space is a hot commodity while traveling. Many airlines also charge fees for exceeding luggage weight limits or having extra baggage. A lightweight backpack that collapses is easily packed and also can be used for day trips, hikes and sightseeing expeditions.

Instant film camera:

How often do people take pictures only for them to remain on a phone or locked in cloud limbo? Graduates can have fun with instant-film cameras that produce prints on the fly. They can double as postcards to send home to family eager for news. Options are available from both Polaroid and Fuji.

Scrapbooking supplies:

While grads are printing instant photos, they can begin planning memory books that catalogue their post-graduation adventures. Put together a selection of scrapbooking essentials, including colored papers, stickers, photo holders, and stencils, as a great scrapbooking starter.

Tags and holders:

Graduates can travel in style with matching luggage tag and passport holder sets. Have them monogrammed for an even more personal touch.

Scratch off map:

Every traveler needs a way to document where he or she has been. Gift a scratch-off map of North America or the entire world. Grads can scratch off the top layer of the map to reveal a colorful under layer to highlight places they have been.

Personalized weekender:

Not every trip a graduate takes has to be lengthy. An overnight stay or a trip of only a few days doesn’t require a lot of luggage. A classic weekender bag monogrammed with the graduate’s name will ensure he or she travels in style.

Travel jewelry case:

It’s easy to misplace jewelry while on the go. A handy zippered pouch can keep earrings, necklaces and rings in one spot so they’re easily packed away when needed.

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