Mundhenk recipient of the Family Hearing Centers Foundation

NEW BOSTON — Family Hearing Centers in New Boston, Ohio announced that West Portsmouth local, Peggy Mundhenk was a recipient of the Family Hearing Centers Foundation.

Mundhenk has received a pair of Starkey custom hearing aids that are fully rechargeable at no charge. Family Hearing Centers in New Boston has been open for almost a year and is one of 12 locations across southern Ohio. Owned by Bryan Black, the son of Robert and Julia Black from The Boneyfiddle Project. Family Hearing Centers’ first location was open 25 years ago.

Mundhenk has lived in the Portsmouth area her entire life. She’s suffered with hearing loss for many years. After tragically losing her daughter last year, Mundhenk has been the sole caregiver for her 8-year-old granddaughter, Paisley Swearingen. Not being able to understand or clearly hear her granddaughter has been very upsetting for Mundhenk.

When Mundhenk came in for her appointment with Theresa Edwards, Hearing Care Practitioner, Mundhenk’s story with her sweet and loving nature left a lasting impression on Edwards and her Patient Care Coordinator, Brianna McCauley. Edwards and McCauley wanted to help Mundhenk and submitted her story into the Family Hearing Centers Foundation to see if they were able to get her help. They were beyond ecstatic when they received the call that she was chosen.

Since Mundhenk has received her Starkey Rechargeable hearing aids, she has called Edwards and McCauley to update them on all the wonderful things she has experienced. Mundhenk is so pleased to be able to hear her granddaughter without saying “huh” all the time and enjoys hearing the frogs peeping at night and the birds chirping all day.

“Something told me to just call Family Hearing Centers and I’m so glad I did,” Mundhenk said. “Theresa and Brianna are wonderful and have really helped me feel like I’m part of life again.”

If you or a loved one have never been tested or are having any hearing issues, you can call 740-456-1861 to schedule a free evaluation.

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Theresa Edwards-Hearing Care Practitioner, Peggy Mundhenk and Paisley Swearingen Edwards-Hearing Care Practitioner, Peggy Mundhenk and Paisley Swearingen

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