Letter to the editor

Our elected officials at the statehouse have done some very costly political feet dragging at the expense of the Ohio constitution.

In 2015 Ohio voters added the Ohio Bi-Partisan Redistricting Commission Amendment to our State Constitution with over 70% support. In 2018, it was reaffirmed by a similar percentage.

Despite the overwhelming support for guardrails against the politically motivated drawing of districts, the GOP majority of the commission has not made any effort to abide by the will of the people.

Map after map has blatantly favored the majority party, been challenged and ruled unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court.

Instead of abiding by the will of their constituents, the party of “fiscal conservatism” has not acted in good faith and their actions have necessitated a special election for which tax payers will be footing a bill of over $25 million. This is unacceptable and we deserve better leadership in the Statehouse.

Collin Docterman

Wheelersburg, Ohio.

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