Two elementary students found along US 52

WEST PORTSMOUTH- Two elementary students from Portsmouth West Elementary School were found along US 52 Monday.

According to an incident report from the Scioto County Sheriff’s Department, multiple callers called in to 911 Monday reporting there were children walking along US 52 in front of West schools.

the report states, Scioto County Sheriff Deputy Roger Drake arrived on the scene of the 15100 block of US 52 and found two children stand along the highway with two female adults. The adults identified themselves to the deputy and stated that they were driving along US 52 and stopped when they saw the two children walking along the highway.

Deputy Drake stated he spoke to the 6-year-old girl who told him she and the 5-year-old boy left school because her mom was being hit with glass by her boyfriend and he was going to hurt her. The girl stated she wanted to go home so she could “beat him up.” Drake stated the 5-year-old boy said he was going with the girl to help.

Drake said he asked the girl where her mother lived and was told that she lived in Adams County. Drake also asked the students if they went to West with both stating they attended Portsmouth West Elementary and gave the names of their teachers. Deputy Drake took the names and contact info of the two adults who stopped to check on the children and then loaded the students in the back of his cruiser and took them back to the school.

Once at the school, Deputy Drake was able to obtain contact information and addresses for the two students and contacted dispatch to perform a wellness check on the girl’s mother.

According to the report, video surveillance shows the students at 11:14 a.m. heading to the playground. At 11:17 a.m. the two students can be seen leaving the playground area and heading toward the front of the building. A minute later, the two students can bee seen going to the backside of the parking lot and playing behind staff vehicles. At 11:26 a.m. footage shows the two students at the trees on the edge of the property and going out of view.

The report stated that contact was made with both parents of the students, and both arrived at the elementary school. The girls mother stated she had not been abused by her boyfriend and that her daughter has been having problems with sneaking out of the house and telling lies and stories that are not true.

According to the report, the girl’s mother stated she would have a “serious talk” with the girl and signed her out to take her home for the rest of the day. The boy’s mother also signed him out for the rest of the day and stated that the 5-year-old said he didn’t want to go but the girl made him, and he wanted to help her. The report also states that the principal of the school, Linda Shaw said the 6-year-old would be punished for walking away from the playground.

The Portsmouth Daily Times reached out to Washington-Nile Local Schools Superintendent Anthony Bazler and received a statement.

“Safety of our students is the top priority at Washington-Nile Local Schools. Unfortunately, we did have two elementary students leave our campus yesterday. They were quickly located and safely returned to school,” Balzer said. “We are reviewing our safety procedures and will make necessary adjustments. “

By Adam Black

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