Powell retains commissioner seat

PORTSMOUTH – Scioto County Commissioner Scottie Powell has defeated challenger Keith Crabtree to retain his seat.

Powell was appointed to the commissioner seat by the Republican Central Committee after the death of Mike Crabtree – the brother of Keith Crabtree – in early 2021. He was one of 20 applicants for the vacancy at the time. On Tuesday, Powell defeated Crabtree in the 2022 Primary Election securing 3,802 votes with Crabtree receiving 1,774.

“This is validation,” said Powell. “Over the past year, people have paid attention to the direction the county is going in. They see the economic development we are working on. They see new recreational opportunities and our strong fiscal stance. That resonates with the voters and the citizens of Scioto County…People can feel the energy whether it’s in the commissioner’s office or with all the non-profits doing great work in the community.”

“Mike left a big hole in this community and in this office and big shoes to fill. So, I’m proud to fill the seat and now continue onward.”

Powell said he understood why Keith Crabtree ran against him – and harbors no ill will towards his opponent.

“I wish Keith the best. Clearly, I know why he would want to run – it was his brother’s seat. I completely understand that sense of family and loyalty and the want to carry out his brother’s legacy…We had a relatively clean race and that speaks a lot to Keith and his character. He was a good opponent.”

Going forward, Powell hopes to continue the positive momentum within the commissioner’s office and countywide.

“We are laying the groundwork for lots of economic development. We are seeing the dominos fall at the SOAR Business Park…We have a lot of companies now interested in that site. There will be a big focus at the Haverhill corridor. We are working with Jobs Ohio to attract people to that site. It’s prime and one of the best pieces of developmental property in the state. We will continue to push for recreation and tourism. We have an untapped resource here.”

“We have the bike paths and the pump track. I’m looking at a rails to trails project. This will attract people to town and keep them here longer and longer to spend money. And frankly, it gives citizens things to do…I want to flip the narrative so people finally say, ‘I don’t have enough time to do everything I want to do.’”

Powell also said he wants to keep the county in a good place fiscally and focus on the brownfield remediation at the former location of the New Boston Coke Plant.

“There are a lot of balls in the air. But all signs point in the same direction when you talk about progress and moving the county forward. We also are making sure the County and City have a strong working relationship…and right now we do.”

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By Derrick C. Parker

For The Daily Times

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