After hours veggies

Does it every frustrate you that things you might be interested in occur only during the hours you’re at work?

Now comes a farmer’s market to allow you to get fresh fruits and vegetables, at hours that may be conducive to your work schedule.

“We have a lot of farmer’s markets in downtown,” King’s Daughters Medical Center (KDMC) registered dietician Malissa Sarver said. “And it’s nice having one at a different day and a different time. It gives the farmers another outlet and another day to pick, and too for people getting off work.”

The farmer’s market is every Wednesday from 3-7 p.m., at KDMC on Scioto Trail in Portsmouth, specifically on the lower part of the facility’s parking lot.

“If somebody is getting off work at 5 (p.m.) o’clock, they can just swing in,” Sarver said. “We have a lot of people who live in communities near the (KDMC) hospital, and they’re within walking distance to that. So we’re trying to increase them trying to get those things in their hands.

Sarver said the planning for the farmer’s market began last winter.

“We’ve had meetings with local farmers,” Sarver said. “It’s kind of like they do the Main Street Portsmouth Farmer’s Market. It’s all local. We worked with them (MSP) and kind of mimicked a lot of the things they have done.”

Sarver said there is an important purpose for having a farmer’s market.

“A lot of the people in Scioto County don’t get adequate fruits and vegetables, so we’re hoping to increase people getting fruits and vegetables,” Sarver said. “It encourages eating local and it supports our local farmers.”

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By Frank Lewis

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