Open Forum will minister to marriages and couples


Kingdom Builders Evangelistic Ministries (KBEM), Inc., 1629 Waller St., in Portsmouth, will welcome Pastor James Taylor of Faith Chapel Ministries of Bethel, Ohio on Saturday, June 25, at 5 p.m. at KBEM, Inc. Taylor will be facilitating an Open Forum for all marriages and couples.

Elder Randal Lewis of KBEM, Inc., said their past Open Forum sessions held at KBEM, Inc. by Taylor have been both helpful and enlightening.

“Pastor Taylor was with us a few months ago and the session was very helpful and enlightening,” Lewis said. “In the day and time it is good to have a foundation our marriages that we can glean from and help one another. As marriage has been redefined in our country, it is good to strengthen the old, traditional family and marriage.”

The Open Forum is open to all marriages and couples. The cost to attend is $10 per couple.

“We are going to be doing a lot of team building,” Taylor said. “No big “I’s” and little “Yous.” No 50 percent, 50 percent. It is all 100 percent, all team building. My wife is my teammate. We do this together.”

Taylor said the Open Forum session will consist of a variety of different interactive exercises that will provide insight and instruction on how to implement team building practices in a marriage and relationships.

“It is all about team decisions. No working against each other, no room for anything to come in and divide, because a house divided cannot stand,” Taylor said. “If mom and dad are together, the team is in tact. So that is the avenue that I am going to be taking with the session.”

Lewis said all couples that come out to the Open Forum will benefit tremendously.

“We just want all to be and be blessed, and encouraged,” Lewis said. “We have married couples from one to 35 years. You can learn and grow in your marriage and relationship by attending one of these sessions.”

For more information and registration, contact Elder Randal Lewis at 740-357-7344, or call KBEM, Inc. at 740-353-0866.

By Portia Williams

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