Environmental sampling data at DOE Portsmouth online


There was a time when environmental data from the Department of Energy’s Portsmouth Site was only available through a formal Freedom of Information act request. Now, it’s at the click of your mouse.

Environmental sampling data at the Department of Energy’s Portsmouth Site is now accessible to the public through an enhanced geographic mapping tool on the Internet.

The tool offers access to information such as publicly available environmental documents, and groundwater-level and analytical data.

The Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office (PPPO) Environmental Geographic Analytical Spatial Information System (PEGASIS) features an external GIS (Geographic Information System) and analytical data viewer that provides easy access to environmental data.

“PEGASIS promotes open government by allowing users to conveniently access the system,” PPPO’s Richard Bonczek said. “This information about the Portsmouth Site can be used for a variety of purposes and DOE is glad to provide this resource to the public.”

The user interface and display tools for PEGASIS were developed with input from various stakeholders, including DOE and its contractors, regulatory agencies, and members of the public.

Larry McCandless, GIS manager for Portsmouth decontamination & decommissioning (D&D) contractor Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth (FBP), said because of a lot of help from site information technology personnel, DOE guidance, and the sample and data management team, FBP has achieved its goal of helping establish a user friendly tool.

“We hope users of the application find it and the user guides easy and enlightening to use,” McCandless said.

A similar PEGASIS site was developed for DOE’s Paducah Site in Kentucky in 2012. That Site is maintained by deactivation contractor Fluor Federal Services, Inc. The Kentucky Research Consortium for Energy and Environment pioneered the Paducah Data Warehouse system — the forerunner to PEGASIS — several years ago as part of an EM grant to the University of Kentucky. Developers incorporated base code from the Paducah system into the Portsmouth Site’s PEGASIS.

The Site is accessible at PEGASIS Portsmouth.

By Frank Lewis

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