Husted applauds new online registration law


Voter registration just got a little easier with the signing into law of Ohio Senate Bill 63, which brings to fruition something Secretary of State Jon Husted has fought for – online registration. Husted has been an advocate for this change since prior to his election in 2011.

“Today is a great day for voters as we can now move forward with implementing one of the most valuable new tools we have in our efforts to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat,” Husted said. “Online voter registration is easy for voters, effective in fighting voter fraud and less costly than paper registrations alone. Ohio is already a national leader in election administration with more opportunities to cast a ballot than many places in the country and online voter registration will add to the state’s lead.”

Husted said the reason online registration is more secure is that officials can instantaneously check when someone applies online with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles database to be sure that person is eligible to vote in Ohio.

“Ohio is a national leader in many areas of elections administration and with passage of online voter registration we can add one more,” Husted told the Daily Times in an exclusive interview. “The great thing about it is it’s more secure. It saves money, and it’s obviously more convenient for voters.”

Husted said nobody will get on the rolls that shouldn’t be.

“And it’s convenient because you can do it from a computer or your phone, your IPad, or whatever the device is that you have, and it saves a lot of money for counties because they don’t have to hire people to manually key in all these voter registration cards. It just uploads automatically,” Husted said.

By Frank Lewis

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