Groundbreaking for Recovery Works


SOUTH SHORE, Ky. — Recovery Works, of The Pinnacle Treatment Family, breaks ground on its newest Kentucky residential facility June 15, 2016, at 11 a.m., at 4632 State Rd. 1043 in South Shore. The facility is expected to open in July or August of 2016.

Joe Pritchard, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pinnacle Treatment Centers, said their proven track record will benefit individuals who desire to confront addiction challenges.

“We are pleased to break ground on our second Kentucky residential facility. We thank all officials, community organizations and health care providers who have worked with us to make this a reality. This is an additional investment in our full continuum of care in Kentucky. Our proven track record will benefit individuals who confront addiction challenges,” Pritchard said. “The developer that is investing in this property for us is well over a million dollar investment and develops this program for services.”

Pritchard said they learned of a shortage of services in the Greenup County area.

“The company name is Pinnacle Treatment Center and the facility is Recovery Works, and that is our brand that we use for our residential programs,” Pritchard said. “Already have three residentials and seven opiate treatment facilities throughout Kentucky, so we have been providing services throughout Kentucky for five years. As we started to work more with Medicaid and the different payors, as well as the state we told by both the State and the payors that there was still a significant shortage of services in this part of the state.”

After six months, they were able to secure the property that would encapsulate their goals.

“So we started to look for a property that we could develop into a residential treatment program with the goal of creating a full continuum, meaning from detoxification all the way through transitional living, sober housing with outpatient support,” Pritchard said. “It took us several months of looking in the area until we were able to find this property. We are going through the renovation and licensing process right now, and our goal is to be opened by July or August of this year.”

Ground breaking ceremony will also include lunch, and a program with speakers including Pritchard as well as Greenup County and Kentucky officials.

Pinnacle Treatment operates in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan Virginia, and Kentucky and will operate in Indiana, Minnesota and Ohio shortly. The organization treats over 8000 people daily and provides residential, outpatient and transitional living programs and is CARF accredited. All locations include physicians, nurses, clinicians, administrative and support staff.

Greenup County Judge Executive Bobby Carpenter said Pinnacle Treatment programs are reputable.

“From what I have read about this new facility, it is a very good one,” Carpenter said. “Whatever we can do concerning this drug epidemic I am all for it.”

Pinnacle Treatment operates on a multi-state basis including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan Kentucky and Virginia and will shortly open in Ohio, Minnesota and Indiana, and offers residential, outpatient and transitional living programs.

Recovery Works of South Shore-Green Up will open as a residential facility with 32 beds, is an unlocked facility. Most patients stay at least three weeks. Pinnacle Treatment, in existence more than 10 years, offers high level staffing at all locations. Pinnacle Treatment works closely within all communities in which we operate, with an objective is to treat the whole person and to involve the family in our programs.

Recovery Works offers medical detoxifications, uses medications along with 24 nursing care, which are based on the symptoms and usage of a client to stage them through a safe and comfortable detoxification.

Every individual that seeks treatment will receive an Individual Treatment Plan based on his or her needs. Length of treatment varies per patient and is based on their medical and clinical progress. Our treatment approach and structured environment, enables our clients to move forward to life without drugs or alcohol.

After completing individual treatment plan goals in our full-day treatment program, clients are encouraged to continue treatment at a less intensive level of care. Recovery Works provides a day and evening intensive outpatient program to address the needs of those clients that remain in the region.

“Our goal is to have a fully integrated system throughout the State, working with both the community agencies, the State, and the different payor groups so that we can more effectively treat those who are suffering with this illness,” Pritchard said.

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Courtesy photo Joe Pritchard, CEO of Pinnacle Treatment Centers, which will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for a new facility in South Shore, Kentucky on June 15, 2016. photo Joe Pritchard, CEO of Pinnacle Treatment Centers, which will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for a new facility in South Shore, Kentucky on June 15, 2016.

Courtesy photo
Recovery Works addiction treatment facility, of The Pinnacle Treatment family, will hold a groundbreakin photo
Recovery Works addiction treatment facility, of The Pinnacle Treatment family, will hold a groundbreakin

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