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Trojan Pee Wee Cheerleading and Football sign-ups

Trojan Pee Wee Cheerleading and Football sign-ups for children in first through sixth grades are scheduled for Monday, June 13th from 10-3 at Portsmouth Elementary School.

Sign-ups will be located in the office or near the office in the conference room. Football players will need to have a copy of their birth certificate.

Additional information can be obtained by calling or texting Karen McGraw at (740) 464-9702 or check Trojan Peewee Cheerleading on Facebook.

Cheer registration fee is $50 per girl.

Minford Pee Wee Football sign-ups

Minford Pee Wee Football will be holding sign-ups Saturday, July 2, 2016 at the football field house, a part of the Minford Sports Complex. Sign-ups will begin at noon and will last until 3:00 p.m.

The Minford Sports Complex is located off SR 335 in Minford and is where Minford Pee Wee practices and home games are held.

Sign-ups are open to two age groups, first and second graders, for flag football, as well as third through sixth graders, for tackle football.

Fees will be $35 for flag football (first and second graders) and $75 for tackle football (third through sixth graders). Fees include new jerseys and use of league equipment.

The league will be using a new lighter jersey this year for all age groups.

Those needing to make payments for league fees or needing to make special arrangements are encouraged to ask during sign-ups.

Additional information can be found on the league’s Facebook page,

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