Litteral revisits Pioneer Village


WHEELERSBURG — Bob Litteral, the son of Ray Litteral who built Pioneer Village, 7918 Ohio River Road in Wheelersburg came back home for a visit. Litteral spent time reconnecting with members of the Pioneer Village Committee.

Bob Litteral, is a native of Wheelersburg, who currently resides in Florida, said Pioneer Village goes all the way back to his childhood. Pioneer Village is a non-profit group organized to restore and maintain the Pioneer Village, and to provide a wealth of knowledge and first hand experiences of the pioneer days. Pioneer Village is fully-loaded with a variety of memorabilia from the pioneer days

“My dad, Ray Litteral built this in 1972,” Litteral said. “I can remember the mornings before school when people would bring their kids here, and that probably stopped in the late eighties. My dad died in 1998. My dad started collecting antiques, and he said in 1966, my sister got him a dinner bell as a gift, and then he started collecting antiques. He had things like churns, and people started bringing him all kinds of stuff.”

He said his father wanted people to familiarize themselves with history.

“In 1971 he bought two log cabins, and had his office right over here for his business, and they kept coming so he started this in 1972,” Litteral said. “So these are old log cabins that he bought, and he started putting his antiques in them. Now, the big house that is located in the back was I think, an iron master’s house or something. It is a part of our history now since 1972. My dad wanted people to know about history, and how things were before. Of course now, it is in memory of my father and mother. I want this to be a community thing that people can be proud of.”

Litteral said he lives in Florida with his son, but comes back to the local area at least twice a year.

Connie Ison who serves on the Pioneer Village Committee, said they are eager to share their latest publication entitled, ‘Pictures of the Past: Volume One Pioneer Village. The book was published in January of 2016 in memory of Ray and Lacy Litteral by the Pioneer Village Committee.

“This book, ‘The Log Cabins,’ has over than 100 pictures in it, and on this second page is a list,” Ison said. “It has the river boats, the brick industry, the canal, floods, Portsmouth businesses and scenes, and sports in Scioto County. The pictures in the book are really, really nice.The book sells for $20, and we have had very good reception concerning it. If anyone has any old pictures that they would like to see put into our next book just need to let us know.”

Pictures of the Past may be purchased from American Savings Bank, The Arts and Craft building, and the Scioto Voice newspaper, and Wheelersburg Baptist Church which are all located in Wheelersburg.

“Also, if anybody stops here while we are having an event, during the holidays, Memorial Day, July 4th, or Labor Day, they can pick up a copy of the book here,” Ison said.

The Fourth of July will be a busy, and active time at Pioneer Village, according to Ison. She said they will have live entertainment, as well as the sell of beans and cornbread, something that has become very popular for them locally.

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Portia Williams | Daily Times
Bob Litteral, of Pioneer Village, holding the latest publication of the establishment, ‘Pictures From the Past.’ Williams | Daily Times
Bob Litteral, of Pioneer Village, holding the latest publication of the establishment, ‘Pictures From the Past.’

By Portia Williams

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