Cyber thieves beware

PORTSMOUTH — Protection from cyber thieves is a must as it relates to texting and expanded use of the Internet. Sandra Guile, of the Better Business Bureau, hosted a Cyber Security workshop at the Portsmouth Welcome Center Wednesday.

Searching the Web, using a credit card or ATM machine, and even sending a text makes a person more vulnerable to cyber thievery than some may realize. To combat cyber theft, Sandra Guile Community Outreach Specialist of BBB of Cincinnati, shared a host of information and tools at the Cyber Security workshop.

“Cyber security is of great concern of both consumers and businesses, not just in Portsmouth but around the world,” Guile said. “Hackers are getting smarter and smarter everyday single day. What this presentation is about is to give tools and tips on how they can protect themselves, and put an emergency plan in place in case they do get hacked where they experience a cyber attack.”

Guile’s presentation, ‘Five steps to Better Business Cyber Security’ included information regarding the following:

  • Identity – the need to take inventory of key technologies, inventory of data that is used and stored by retailers, and non-profit entities.
  • Protect – implementing preventative measures before desired strikes are imperative. Taking assessing protective measures and be prepared is paramount.
  • Detect – Maintaining systematic integrity is more possible through by putting measures in place of being informed of current threats.
  • Respond – Should disaster strike, and incident occur, knowing what to do is of extremely important.
  • Recover – Having a recovery plan in place, to return to normal business operations after cyber security has been comprised.

Other information touched on included passwords, and password protection, the use of clouds and questions concerning their safety. Guile was emphasized the need to create a culture of security.

Members of the audience also shared their own knowledge and information about various aspects of cyber security.

“There is a lot of personal information out there, and they are responsible for keeping consumer information protected, and consumers are responsible for keeping their own information protected,” Guile said. “The Better Business Bureau wants to make sure they are able to keep that information safe.”

Gina Raynard, of Shawnee Family Health Center, said the Cyber Security workshop was extremely beneficial.

“I actually like that these resources are actually local, where you do not have to go to Cincinnati because it is time away from the office and so far away from work,” Raynard said.”It is time away from work where you have things that need to be done, especially in the (information technology) world when it is hard to get away from people who need your help all of the time. So it is great having all of these types of resources made available.”

Guile provided additional resources refer to for future reference which included:

Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

FTC Start with Security Resources and Information


BBB Resources

NCSA Resources

Two-Factor Authentication Information

Guile said providing free Cyber Security workshops is an option to other groups.

“If a community group, or business would like to contact me I would be willing to give a presentation and it is absolutely free,” Guile said.

For more information visit:

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Portia Williams | Daily Times A free Cyber Security workshop shop was conducted by Sandra Guile of the Better Business Bureau of Cincinnati at the Portsmouth Welcome Center in Portsmouth Wednesday. Williams | Daily Times A free Cyber Security workshop shop was conducted by Sandra Guile of the Better Business Bureau of Cincinnati at the Portsmouth Welcome Center in Portsmouth Wednesday.
Tools for cyber security addressed at workshop

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