T-storms force delay in Green and Manchester tournament game

FRANKLIN FURNACE — There is an aura in the air right before a thunderstorm: the temperature drops, the wind picks up, birds seek refuge, and the hairs on your arms stand on end.

The nervous feeling among humans before a large storm is natural. Whether it is fear of flooding, damage, lightning or the loud thunderous booms in between, we are programmed to react in such a way. While the oncoming clouds had the Green Bobcats fans nervous Tuesday evening, so too did the scoreboard. The third-seeded Bobcats were down one to nothing against the six-seeded Manchester Greyhounds in the bottom of the fifth, when a lightning strike sent the game into a delay.

The Bobcats were locked in a pitching duel with Manchester’s Shaun Frost, who held a no hitter up until the delay. Frost had walked and struck out four batters. Green’s pitcher, Trevor Carver, had pitched a good game himself. He had given up only two hits and a single run, while allowing one walk and striking out five batters.

Green had their chances throughout five. A runner was gunned down at the plate in the second inning after reaching base on an error earlier in the inning. In the fourth, the bases were loaded only to be left stranded.

Manchester turned a double play off a base running error in the fifth as well.

Manchester’s lone run was manufactured to perfection. Shaun Frost got the first hit of the game, was brought to second with a sacrifice fly and then scored off a ground ball from Mason Applegate.

Sometimes, coaches wish for nothing more than a new start to a game. While it won’t start over, Coach Dan McDavid gets time to talk to his players, calm them down and pump them up for the remaining two innings left in hopes of keeping Green’s season alive.

The game’s exact stopping time was with two outs in the bottom of the fifth inning. Green’s Tyler Darnell was at the plate.

Former Cleveland Indians General Manager Frank Lane once said, “if you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.” McDavid expects the Green Bobcats to come out refreshed and ready to play after Tuesday’s tempest.

The game will resume Wednesday, May 11, 2016, at 5:00 p.m., weather permitting.

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