Terry Johnson supports community Improvement bill bringing $8 million to Scioto Co.

Once a bill that has cleared the Ohio legislature is signed by Governor John Kasich, Scioto County community improvement projects will be funded to the tune of over $8 million.

During Wednesday’s session, State Representative Terry Johnson (R-McDermott) voted in support of Senate Bill 310, legislation that helps fund various community improvement projects around the state.

Senate Bill 310, also known as the capital budget bill, invests a total of nearly $2.6 billion in funding across Ohio for priorities like infrastructure, workforce development and the arts. A considerable portion of the funding goes toward supporting repairs and renovations at primary and secondary education facilities through the Ohio School Facilities Commission.

Scioto County projects included in the bill are $1.4 million for state park renovations; $27,401 for a community-based correctional facility; $1.78 million for two general building renovation projects through the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and four projects at Shawnee State University, totaling $5 million. Factored into that total is $2.2 million for the advanced tech center building, $1.8 million for the Clark Library rehabilitation, $800,000 for basic renovations and $200,000 for the Shawnee State University Innovation Accelerator.

“Here in Scioto County, $1.4 million for state park renovations, that’s huge for us,” Johnson said. “Community-based correctional facility, that’s the STAR facility, some things need to be done to make that project move forward, so some money is coming into that. Shawnee State getting some much-needed money for the library and for some buildings and also this Innovation Accelerator – it’s very, very important that Shawnee State be able to expand into Portsmouth even more and what a great asset that is to our local county and region to have Shawnee State do what they’re doing.”

Johnson singled out other projects in the 90th District, including Adams County with the satellite for Southern State Community College, Serpent Mound, and a Veterans Memorial in Meigs Township.

“Our area can certainly use this funding and I am delighted to have been in position to advocate for it,” Johnson said. “While I certainly would have liked to see even more dollars flow into the 90th district, it is safe to say that we will put to good use what we have been able to secure.”

The final version of the bill includes projects in the 90th House District. SB 310 passed the Senate on April 20, before receiving hearings in the House. It is expected to soon be signed into law by Governor Kasich.

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Shawnee State projects totaling $5 million in SB 310

By Frank Lewis

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