Class Open to Portsmouth Area Ohio Insurance Agents

Calling all Portsmouth-area insurance agents in need of Ethics CEU’s to retain your license.

The Center for Ethics at BBB is hosting an In Pursuit of Ethics (IPOE) course Thursday, June 16 at 8:30 a.m. in the Welcome Center at the Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, 342 Second St., Portsmouth, Ohio 45662. The cost is $45 per person. Register today on

IPOE is an in-depth discussion of ethical issues displayed through real-life situations in an entertaining yet thought provoking scenario. What follows are paths of choices guiding participants through a five step decision making process.

“We are faced with choices every day from a simple what to have for lunch to a complex how to handle a troubling situation at work,” explained Leslie Kish, acting director, Center for Ethics at BBB. “While some choices are easy like what to eat, other choices take a little more thought and consideration before making a decision such as a complex matter involving colleagues at work. The tough part is knowing whether or not you’ve made the right one.”

The program is designed around several “what would you do?” videos. When the story reaches a dilemma that calls for a decision, it stops allowing the facilitator to lead attendees in a lively discussion. All of the choices are randomized so there’s no telling which ending will show when selecting a choice. Everyone leaves with a better understanding it takes courage to make a decision that may or may not be correct and an ethical situation is not always predictable.

The Center for Ethics at BBB has presented this program to more than 100 business professionals and over 1,000 students at the college and high school level. While this session is focused on insurance agents, classes are available for businesses, high schools and community organizations. Please contact us for more information. Visit our website for example of the video scenario.

Contact Sandra Guile, 513.639.9126 for more information about In Pursuit of Ethics for Insurance Agents.

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