City Manager says bidding process is fair


Apparently several members of Portsmouth City Council received correspondence from Howerton Engineering pertaining to what they said was their inability to bid for a job that involves designing a bike path.

First Ward Councilman Kevin W. Johnson was the first to bring it up.

“I heard from Mr. Howerton and he indicates that you had hired an engineer from Bowling Green to design a bike path and bike issues and he’s qualified under the state of Ohio to do so and he’s concerned that they (Howerton) weren’t even given the opportunity to submit a bid. As you know, he’s in my First Ward and I would say I’m concerned that he didn’t have that opportunity.”

Portsmouth City Manager Derek K. Allen responded immediately.

“I can address that,” Allen said. “First of all, they’re not out of Bowling Green. They’re out of Columbus. And an RFQ, request for qualifications, was put out, legal notices put in the paper. Three firms submitted. They (Howerton) did not submit. A firm from Columbus submitted. A firm from Ironton submitted, and a third firm, I can’t remember where they’re from, submitted. But he (Howerton) did not submit. He was given the same opportunity as everybody else. A legal notice was put in the paper. It was advertised.”

Sixth Ward Councilman Tom Lowe joined the conversation during the individual ward periods.

“I too received a thing from Mr. Howerton and the only thing I could tell him would be – not putting in a bid, you can’t expect to win it,” Lowe said.

By Frank Lewis

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