‘Paint the Town Purple’ coming to Greenup


GREENUP, Ky. — Greenup County Relay for Life (GCRFL) is hosting a “Paint the Town Purple” campaign May 1-6 for Cancer Awareness Week. The campaign will lead up to GCRFL event to be held Thursday, May 6, at the Flatwoods City Park at 6 p.m.

Vicki Evans, of GCRFL, said the purpose of the event is to raise awareness about cancer.

“The purpose of this is to raise awareness about cancer. Within our local cities in Greenup County, we have, ‘Paint the Town Purple,’ and now we have made it into a one-week campaign,” Evans said. “Actually, we wanted it for all of the towns, but did talk to the Mayor of Greenup, and the Mayor made a proclamation that it is going to be a Paint the Town Purple week starting May 1st. All of the board members were on board with it, so I wanted to thank them too.”

The Relay event in Flatwoods Park will include a host of activities.

“We will be walking for Relay, and each one of the Relay teams will have a different event. We are going to be selling t-shirts, there will be vendors there. It will be very similar to a fair,” Evans said. “We will have music all evening, games, just a lot of fun for people to come out and enjoy.”

Becky Manley, community manager of GCRFL, said their objective is to get everyone in the local community engaged in the Relay event to be held May 6.

“We wanted to find a way to get the entire town involved, that is why chose to do Paint the Town Purple this year,” Manley said. “Our goal is to get more survivors there, and more people to come out and to help honor them. “We people see the purple around town, then they will start asking why, and when they are told it is for Relay, then the hope is that they will come out.”

Cancer impacts the lives of many people in some way.

“Cancer touches the lives of so many families. It is rare to say find someone that has not been affected by cancer, either personally, or through a loved one or friend,” Manley said. “Purple encompasses everyone. So it is used as a survivor color, and an awareness color, and that way it involves everyone, and doesn’t leave anyone out.”

For more information regarding Paint the Town Purple, visit the Greenup County Relay for Life Facebook page, or call Vicki Evans at 606-923-2593.

By Portia Williams

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