New Boston Police locate meth lab


Another side of the drug problem in Scioto County is methamphetamine. It is dangerous for the person who is cooking the meth and for anyone in the general vicinity of a meth lab.

Around 1 a.m. Friday, while New Boston Police officers were investigating a possible drug complaint, officers said they found an active “one pot” meth lab that was in the process of actively cooking to produce meth. The cooking device was found in a backpack that was placed on the hill side within the 3600 block of Gallia Street.

Captain Steve Goins of the NBPD said, when the officers confirmed what they had, the area was secured and the New Boston Fire Department responded to the area to assist.

Also along with the cooperation of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and the Portsmouth Police Department, Portsmouth Police officers who are certified in dismantling a meth lab responded to the scene to assist in the operation. Officer Chris Kelly donned a hazmat suit and worked to turn an unsafe situation into a safe situation.

“The New Boston Police Department would like to thank the New Boston Fire Department, the Portsmouth Police Department and Ohio BCI for the assistance on this investigation,” Goins said. “This investigation is ongoing and NBPD hopes to secure enough evidence to be able to make arrests in the near future.”

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Several agencies work together to dismantle a meth lab located on a hillside in New Boston agencies work together to dismantle a meth lab located on a hillside in New Boston

By Frank Lewis

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