Carter Caves to host ‘Wildflower Pilgrimage’


OLIVE HILL, Ky. — At Carter Caves, the onset of the spring season is a beautiful sight to behold with the uprising of bright-colored blooms across the hills which decorate the forest floor.

In accordance with the spring season, Carter Caves allocated at 344 Caveland Drive in Olive Hill, Ky. will host a Wildflower Pilgrimage on Friday, April 22.

Visitors that come to Wildflower Pilgrimage are destined to have a wonderful experience seeing the beauty of the area during wildflower walks, canoe trips, and van tours throughout the weekend. Other programs that will be offered include landscaping with native plants, beginner plant identification, invasive plant species, tree identification, archaeological walks, and tracking.

Coy Ainsely, Park Naturalist at Carter Caves, said the Wildflower Pilgrimage is a diversified weekend to enjoy.

“This particular weekend we will have several field leaders gathered together that will take different field trips out during the weekend here at Carter Caves,” Ainsely said. “Along the walk we are mainly focusing on wild flowers, and it is just a beautiful sight, those who come seem to really enjoy it. It is the spring time of year, and Carter Caves has a very large diversity of wildflowers that bloom here in the spring time.”

Evening programs will be held each day. Whether a person is an experienced wildflower enthusiast, a beginner bloomer or just enjoy being in the woods, Ainsely is confident that this is the perfect weekend for anyone at at all level to have the ultimate encounter with nature and beauty of spring.

“So really, the month of April into the first couple of weeks in May is a really popular time for people that are interested in wild flowers at Carter Caves, to come and see a lot of these plants in bloom,” he said. “We are doing some wild flower walks, and we’ll also do some other hikes that have a different interest, and an example would be tree identification. Some of the hikes that we do will focus on some other things growing in the woods, for example, ferns or identifying different types of mosses.”

The registration fee for the Wildflower Pilgrimage is $20 for adults and $10 for children for the weekend’s activities. An overnight lodging package including two nights lodging and registration fees for two is $179.95 (plus tax). Call Carter Caves at 1-800-325-0059 to register.

By Portia Williams

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