Crosswalk offers Good Friday witness


SOUTH SHORE — The 4th annual Crosswalk, in which volunteers carry a heavy wooden cross (with no wheels on the dragging end) along U.S. 23 across Greenup County, will get under way promptly at 7 a.m. Friday from the iHop parking lot at the intersection of 23 and Diedrich Boulevard.

The event covers 26 miles and winds up at about 6 p.m. in the parking lot at South Shore First United Methodist Church on Main Street.

It’s sponsored by the church but the Rev. Sean Shroll, pastor there, said all churches in the county are invited to participate.

“This is a great chance to create unity among our Greenup County churches,” Shroll said. “More importantly, it’s a chance to spread the Biblical message of Jesus, His passion, salvation, and new life.

“It seems like Easter in our communities is mostly focused on candy, Easter egg hunts and fuzzy bunnies. Even in the church we often skip over Good Friday and focus our efforts primarily on Easter. Events like the Crosswalk can encourage us to contemplate Jesus’ last day and sacrifice.”

Participants can carry the cross the distance they choose. Chase cars will be available to take them back to where they parked their cars along the side of the highway.

A vehicle will also be carrying drinking water, juice and light snacks.

“We can do this together without anyone having to carry too difficult a load,” Shroll said. “Last year we had people in their 60s carry short distances.”

People who want to just walk part of the distance with the carriers are welcome to do so.

“We have people honk or shout encouragement as the drive by,” Shroll said. “Some have even stopped and asked to be prayed for over something they’re going through. We certainly welcome that.”

He said he’s hoping for better weather than last year, when a steady rain fell over much of the route.

The carry will pause for lunch at Lloyd, a mile or two west of Greenup County High School.

People wishing to donate food or drinks can call him at (606) 831-1244.

Shroll said there’s a short video on Youtube from the 2014 crosswalk. It can be called up by typing “Greenup County Crosswalk 2014” in the search line.

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