Mohawks win championship


The Northwest Mohawks Cheerleading squad has made school history, as the group recently won its first state championship earlier this month. The squad took first place in the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators (OASSA) Division III Mount Cheerleading Competition.

The Mohawks qualified for the state competition after having a stellar performance at the OASSA Regional Competition, which was held at Northwestern High School in Springfield, Ohio.

“We qualified, and so that earned us the right to compete in the state competition,” Northwest Cheerleading Advisor, Shona Ross said.

After qualifying for the state competition, the squad prepared to make the trip to Columbus several weeks later to compete in the St. John’s Arena, located on the campus of Ohio State University.

“We warmed up in the field-house, and then they walked us over into the big arena,” Ross said.

Northwest was competing in the mount competition, which, according to Ross includes pyramids, flipping, tumbling, and tossing. Each team is scored on the same principles.

“We went and performed,” Ross said. “We were the first in our division to perform, and we did very well.”

Ross said the performance was not perfect, but was probably the best her squad had done all year in competitions.

“There was one time we came down a little early, which wasn’t a fall, so it didn’t count as a deduction, but it was just one count off,” Ross said. “They did well, and was the best they’ve performed all year. I’m glad they saved the last time for their best, when it really counted.”

After competing, the squad continued a tradition they have every time they compete in the state competition.

“Regardless of where we rank up there (competition), as far as placing, they’re always my champions, so we always go to Champs to eat,” Ross said. “That our little tradition we do, because they’re champs to me, whether we place first or last.”

After their tradition dinner at Champs, the Mohawks returned the St. John’s Arena for the announcement of awards.

“It got down to the final two, so we were either going to be runners-up, or we were going to be champions,” Ross said.

This year, the Mohawks were not only champs in the eyes of Ross, but also in the eyes of the OASSA, as they captured their first state competition win.

The squad had previously qualified for state the last five years, but picked up their first championship this year.

“It was really good, and was a nice experience for the girls,” Ross said. “They worked so hard.”

The state competition was the last competition for the six seniors on the cheerleading copetition squad. Abbie Hall, Shawnacy McGuire, Brittany Miller, Tiffany Miller, Larryn Rice, and Keldon Bowling will all end their cheerleading careers as capturing a state competition win.

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By Michael Hamilton [email protected]

Reach Michael Hamilton at 740-353-3101, ext 1931, or on Twitter @MikeHamilton82.

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