Explaining the ‘Trump Syndrome’


I have sat back and watched as the political pundits have been getting it all wrong for months now, so maybe it’s time to sit down at my computer and explain the Donald Trump Syndrome. They haven’t been able to.

First, you have to throw out everything you have ever learned about a presidential campaign in the past. This is not one of those. In fact, you may have see the last stereotypical political campaign featuring things like actual issues and civility. Donald Trump doesn’t care what he says and neither do his supporters, yet every night the talking heads say – “He may have done himself in this time by…fill in blank…criticizing George W. Bush…..criticizing the Pope…..making fun of Marco Rubio’s ears.” It matters not to the angry American voter.

Just as the Democrats have so masterfully created a multitude of single-issue voter groups, Trump has done the same. It’s partially a spinoff of the old Tea Party, but more than that, it’s a bunch of angry people, many of which have never been compelled to vote before, but have chosen to do so now.

What you must understand right up front is this is not, I repeat, not a Republican primary. It is a brand new third party. No, it is not organized and it doesn’t have a name, but I can tell you where it came from. It was born when Republican voters voted and elected a majority in both houses of Congress which they considered a mandate. But the people they sent to Washington have not accomplished anything and in head-to-head competition with the president, they have lost every battle.

That created a bunch of angry people who decided they have no interest in sending the establishment Republicans back to Washington – enter – Donald Trump. Like him or hate him. You can’t ignore him. He has knocked a hole in the entire election process.

While the Democrats are bent on a coronation of Hillary Clinton, no matter what, you still have to notice the elephant in the room. A fair portion of Democrats are in favor of electing an avowed Socialist, who softens the label by calling himself a “Socialist Democrat.”

You may not be able to write the obituary for the two party system just yet, but it is coming. People are angry with the way things are and they want change – real change – and it appears they don’t care what form that takes.

Trump is a product of a disgruntled electorate and to a certain point so is Bernie Sanders. America has done something Washington has feared for a long time. They have finally stood up and taken notice of the substandard way things are done with their tax dollars and they don’t like it. Their voice is just being heard for the first time, and the talking heads on the news channels are no better than the politicians in Washington. They too are completely out of touch with the man and woman on the street. For the life of me I don’t know why we still listen to them. They haven’t been right this entire campaign.

Bernie Sanders is right – America is ripe for a revolution – the only thing that remains to be known is what form that revolution will take.

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By Frank Lewis

[email protected]

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