Commissioners donate to MSP


Recently, the Scioto County Commissioners passed a measure that would allow them to make a financial donation of $1,000 to Main Street Portsmouth.

Before the commissioners considered the measure, they requested a legal opinion from Danielle Parker, assistant prosecuting attorney.

“Through your request, you have provided that the purpose of Main Street of Portsmouth is, building community by revitalizing downtown promoting positive change through historic preservation and economic development that attracts and retains residents, businesses, making downtown Portsmouth a place to live, work and play,” Parker wrote in her opinion.

Joseph Pratt, executive director of Main Street Portsmouth, sees the donation as much more than money.

“We (Main Street Portsmouth) are thrilled to get support from the Scioto County Commissioners,” Pratt said. “The money is nice, but I see it as much more than just a $1,000 pledge. This is a sign that the county is embracing downtown Portsmouth and the revitalization, as well as reinvention, Main Street Portsmouth is dedicated to.”

Parker said in her opinion, the Ohio Revised Code provides an avenue for the commissioners to make the donation. She wrote, “The Ohio Revised Code states money can be paid to local societies for the preservation and restoration of historic and archaeological sites located in the county.”

Pratt said he plans to provide the commissioners with quarterly updates on the work of the organization.

“Main Street Portsmouth has been working hard to strengthen partnerships with other local leaderships and government officials,” he said. “This has been built most visibly with the city, but we are looking forward to giving quarterly updates to the Scioto County Commissioners and working towards strengthening that specific partnership even more.”

For more information about the programs and activities of Main Street Portsmouth, visit them at

By Wayne Allen

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