Greenbo reopening prolonged, improvements coming

ARGILLITE, Ky. — Though the reopening of Greenbo Lake Resort State Park in Argillite, Ky., has been readjusted from May 1 to Memorial Day weekend, the facility will be better than ever.

Work which encompassed two phases has been underway at Greenbo, as a result of the fire which occurred on Oct. 4, 2015. Manager Stephanie Poplin, said they are now into phase two, with some improvements to the work agenda.

“The first phase was the removal of the carpeting, the ceilings, and the duct work. The electrical system had to be replaced, and there was also some electrical work to be done. That phase is now complete,” Poplin said. “Phase two has started, where they will replace more of the duct work, ceilings and carpets. There is also some improvements that the Department of Parks has decided to make inside of the Lodge as well, while there is a perfect opportunity to do since we are closed down guest services won’t be interrupted.”

The additional improvements consist of wall coverings, and painting, and paneling removal.

“Years ago there was some old paneling that had been painted over so they have decided to remove the paneling and replace it with sheet rock, and of course that has to be mudded and painted,” she said. “There are also going to be some improvements done in the dining room and the kitchen, and for the same reasons work just has not been done to it in quite some time and they are just taking the opportunity to make those improvements.”

Contractors have come and gone, and some have been there since the inception of the work.

“There are some different contractors in here now because the scope of the work is different,” Poplin said. “Where the work has change of course there has to be different contractors, but there are still a couple of the contractors that were involved in the phase one that are still with us, such as the electrical contractors and so forth.”

Memorial Day weekend is the hope of the reopening of the Resort, officials said.

“Right now we don’t have a set date. We are shooting for Memorial Day weekend, but of course that could change as previous dates that we’ve had,” she said. “It is going to rely upon if the work proceeds as scheduled, and we don’t have anything to come up that would delay anything.”

For the time being, Greenbo is continuing to operate out of the Marina until the reopening, officials added.

“Our Marina and Campground closes anyway during the winter time. We are still operating out of the Marina right now,” Poplin said. “The Campground and Marina will open as scheduled on April 1st. However, as long as the weather breaks and it stays nice out, both of those areas could potentially open earlier than April 1st.”

For more information regarding Greenbo Lake Resort State Park, call 606-473-7324.

By Portia Williams

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