Perry signs with SSU Soccer


MINFORD – It’s official, Minford’s Jacob Perry has decided where he will continue his education and athletic careers. The Minford Soccer standout made a public declaration that he will be attending Shawnee State University in the fall, and will play soccer for the Bears.

Perry chose Shawnee because it just hit home for him.

“My dad went to Shawnee, when he was in college,” Perry said. “It just made sense, seeing how I wanted to stay around here, and the money was right.”

After an official visit on campus, Perry said he fell in love with the school.

“The programs were amazing,” Perry said. “I fell in love with it the second I saw it.”

Perry first started considering Shawnee as his college of choice about a year and a half ago.

“I was down there for a summer tournament,” Perry said. “I just loved it.”

He also attended a Shawnee soccer camp in the fall, just after the regular season of soccer came to an end.

“I went to a camp down there and talked to the coaches and everything,” Perry said.

The soon-to-be Shawnee freshman has been playing soccer for the majority of his life, first taking up the sport at the age of four. He shared that he had no idea he’d be making this decision so soon, and has recently reflected on his last year of high school soccer which came to a close a few short months ago.

“I’m going to miss it immensely,” Perry said. “Especially all the friendships I’ve made over the years, and coaches and everything Minford soccer was, and will always be.”

Perry is most excited to meet the new group of teammates he will have at the collegiate level. Other than new friendships he hopes to cultivate, Perry is also excited to see some former opponents he’s met on the pitch.

“I used to play against a guy on the team now, he went to Wheelersburg, Caleb Ruth,” Perry said. “I’m excited to finally get to play with him, instead of against him.”

Another friend, and former competitor may be joining Perry as a Shawnee Bear, which has the Minford senior excited.

Minford Soccer head coach Dave Gampp is glad to see Perry stay local, and play for the Shawnee Bears.

“I think it is great,” Gampp said. “Getting to play the college level, getting to do what he wants to do. It’s what he strived to do all the way. That’s why he played club soccer and all the other stuff he did.”

Gampp sang the praises of his departing senior.

“He’s a good kid,” Gampp said. “He’s a hustler. He’s a fighter. He’s not the tallest player in the world, but when he’s on the field, you know he’s on the field. That’s what you want in a soccer player.”

Perry was a fantastic player according to Gampp.

“You couldn’t ask for a better player,” Gampp said. “He truly grew his senior year, as far as being a leader for our team.”

As of now, Perry is interested in majoring in Education at Shawnee, but has yet to decide which age group he will pursue.

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By Michael Hamilton [email protected]

Reach Michael Hamilton at 740-353-3101, ext 1931, or on Twitter @MikeHamilton82.

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