Something greater than a storm


As the weather reports have kept coming this week, we have repeatedly heard the meteorologists and weather stations report that a snow storm is coming, so we better get ready. In preparation for the storms, I would venture to say that those whose area the storms were predicted to impact took the necessary actions to get ready. This is a time that grocers and places such Walmart adore, the pandemonium of rushing out to seek food, batteries, generators, and any and everything that is needed in times of severe weather. I pause to think about the incredible amount of energy and effort that is expended in preparing for any type of severe weather, which makes me wonder one thing, do we fear God like this? My friend, allow me to ask you this question, did you know that something greater than a storm is coming? Are you preparing for the kingdom of God with a sense of urgency? Yes, the kingdom of God, the eternal paradise and final destination called Heaven that is prepared for those who believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, have repented of their sins, baptized into new life with Jesus Christ, and making every effort daily to obey God’s word, which is the holy Bible. Of course, we must be wise and prepare ourselves for times of severe weather. However, more importantly, we should be seeking to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, so that we will see him in peace. For if we fail to do that, hell will be our eternal destination. So, when the weather reports start announcing that a storm is coming, be mindful that Jesus is coming also, and we all better be ready.

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