Democrats to host Blue Cocktail fundraiser


PORTSMOUTH — Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper and Belpre Mayor Mike Lorentz, the Democratic candidate for Ohio’s Sixth Congressional District are scheduled to be present at the Blue Cocktail Hour fundraiser and grassroots organizing event to be held Tuesday, Jan. 26, 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at IBEW Local No. 575, 10 Offnere St. in Portsmouth.

Pepper, Lorentz, Democratic Party activists and volunteers from Adams, Pike, Scioto and Lawrence counties are planning to be in attendance at the Blue Cocktail Hour fundraiser and grassroots organizing event, according to Kirstin Alvanitakis, Communications Director of the Ohio Democratic Party.

“These Blue Cocktail Hours are great for Democrats, there are going to be Democrats from four different counties,” Alvanitakis said. “They are coming together to network, as well as raise a little bit of money that is going to help to raise some money that is going to help their local Party, as well as the State Party to support Democrats up and down the ballot, starting with whoever our Presidential nominee will be, then you’re Senate candidates, as well as all the way down to your local candidates which are all the countywide, the countywide are on the ballot this fall.”

Alvanitakis is anticipating the event to be productive, make for a great time, and provide an opportunity for Lorentz, who is running against Congressman Bill Johnson of the Sixth District to be introduced to many.

“This is going to be a great event, David (Pepper) is going to show support for all of these local county parties, as well as the candidate that we’ve got running in the Sixth District, which is Belpre Mayor, Mike Lorentz. He is wonderful, he is from the Washington County area,”Alvanitakis said.”The Sixth District is really big, Portsmouth proper is not included in the Sixth District, but a large portion of Scioto County is in the District, so he is (Lorentz) is trying to get out and meet as many good Democrats as possible, and make sure they are aware that we have a great candidate running who is taking on Bill Johnson.”

Wendy Jones, President of the Federated Democratic Women of Scioto County, plans to attend the Blue Cocktail Hour event, and said events such as this provide opportunities for connection.

“Events like the Blue Cocktail Hour allow the local county parties to talk to ODP Chairman Pepper and other ODP officials about the ODP’s plans for the upcoming campaign year, as well as providing the opportunity for candidates to mingle and talk to the people there. Of course we always enjoy the chance for fellowship and socializing, especially when the weather has kept us inside,” Jones said.

The cost to attend the Blue Cocktail Hour fundraiser event is $25 per person.

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By Portia Williams

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