Courthouse offices to move and expand

In the upcoming days and months some offices inside the Scioto County Courthouse will move from their current location to other available spaces, while other offices will expand in size.

Scioto County Commissioner Bryan Davis is reporting the courthouse office of the Scioto County Engineer will be moving to the fourth floor.

“The decision was made; we would be moving the engineer’s office to the fourth floor to where the sheriff’s offices were, next to the current mediation area,” Davis said. “That area is the most readily available, to be rehabilitated.”

Davis said where the engineer is going will require work before the offices can be moved.

Some of the work that needs done will include, installing drop ceilings, new fiber optic cables, some lighting and new carpet and paint. The estimated cost of the work is between $20,000 and $25,000.

Davis said most of the work can be completed by courthouse maintenance staff. He believes having the courthouse maintenance staff do the work will save money.

Other county offices inside the courthouse have also been moving.

There had been some open space on the third floor created when Fourth District Court of Appeals Judge Matt McFarland moved his office to the courthouse annex.

That space is now occupied by Scioto County Court of Common Pleas Domestic Relations Division Judge Jerry Buckler.

Davis estimated work on the new engineer’s office will start soon.

“Within the next 60 days, we have to have this pulled off. We’ll be able to do a lot of it in house (courthouse maintenance staff). We’re hoping to do most of the work ourselves, because really, it’s not that bad,” Davis said.

Davis said once the engineer moves his offices the Scioto County Board of Elections will take over the space.

“We have to get the people out of the lobby,” Davis said.

Typically when a primary or general election occurs the board of elections has to put voting machines in the courthouse lobby. Once they are able to take over the space occupied by the engineer’s office, they will be able to move voting machines from the lobby.

“Whenever we have an election, there’s bags and equipment put in the lobby. They have a bunch of stuff stored on the fourth floor, that will come down to their space,” Davis said.

He said once the engineers move is complete there will be an access door created, so people can get to the board of elections in a new way.

Davis said it is something the commissioners have been meaning to do for a long time.

“This is the least expensive option and being able to satisfy everyone,” Davis said. “When we’re done he’s going to have a very nice office. He’s getting the corner penthouse suite.”

He said there was a lot of cooperation between county offices and the board of elections will have room to grow.

The work on the board of elections office is anticipated to be complete before the primary election.

By Wayne Allen

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