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Joseph Pratt

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Crisp, cold days are upon us and winter will soon be in full swing. Locals have been advised to replace furnace filters, obtain winter tires, and prepare for inclement weather, but some aren’t as lucky; some might not even have a roof to hide from the chill of the wind this season. The Scioto County Homeless Shelter provides a haven for those who have lost everything, but are working to find their footing in life again. The shelter will see many people this winter and is always welcoming of donations to keep operations fluent.

Executive Director Maureen Cadogan says that the Scioto County Homeless Shelter strives to stretch dollars, but recent cuts in funding have left the shelter in more need.

“We have ongoing items that we always need, some that people might not think of,” Cadogan said.

Items that the Scioto County Homeless Shelter often needs include toilet paper, sugar, dish liquid detergent, laundry detergent, soaps, shampoo and conditioner, coffee filters, and cleaning supplies.

Donations can be instrumental, so that the money they have can go towards keeping the lights on.

“We’ve never really had much of a safety net to land into. We are very much hand-to-mouth, similarly to how things are with the families we serve,” Cadogan said. “We use Freestore Foodbank and resources like that in attempt to stretch a buck. We appreciate anything people can help with, but if not, then prayers.”

Cadogan said the shelter can also accept monetary donations to continue sustainability, which can be mailed to 615 Eighth Street, Portsmouth.

“We are just thankful unto the Lord for laying up onto someone’s heart, because, when we have a need, someone rises out of nowhere to help,” Cadogan said.

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