Dudley Wooten

Why is fall for planting? Why not? Let me count the ways this is a win-win situation.

ONE – Temperatures are going down and watering is less of a factor.

TWO – Plants are going into dormacy (on top). They’re preparing for winter by dropping leaves. A

tree without leaves can’t wilt, can it?

THREE – The ambient air temperture is going to freeze soon but the geothermal soil temperature

won’t. This will allow the newly transplanted tree or shrub the head start it needs. While

the world on top is in winter, the root zone is active and will be ready for next year’s

heat and water needs.

FOUR – What we’re saying here is fall planting is as far away as you can get from summer.

FIVE – This is a natural approach to planting. The trees have had this figured out for 2 – 3 million

years. Drop seed in the fall and let them root out before next year. This isn’t exactly rocket


SIX – You can get a landscape designer or contractor in your yard quicker in the fall. The

multitudes are still hung up on flooding the phone lines in spring and wondering why it isn’t

done by Mother’s Day.

Yeah, I can list more reasons for fall planting but if these first six aren’t impressive enough, it’s a waste

of ink.

Truth is, my warranty work shows that fall plantings survive and thrive better than any other season. My fall customers brag on their aesthetics and low maintenance more than most.

I’m just sayin’ fall’s a winner.

Dudley Wooten is the owner/operator of Wooten’s Landscaping and Nursery and can be reached at 740-820-8210.

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