Titans fall against Rockets


Derrick Parker

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Notre Dame (4-5, 2-3) lost to the Fayetteville Perry Rockets (6-2, 2-1) Saturday night by a score of 41-28. Special teams miscues cost the Titans the game, as they fumbled the snap of one punt and had another blocked by the Rockets.

Notre Dame had three running backs find the end zone on the night, with Sam Kayser, Michael Collins and Isiah Johnson. Kayser in particular had a fantastic game, racking up 206-yards on 24 carries and igniting drives on more than one occasion. Notre Dame struggled when it was found in third and long situations, as quarterback Drew Cassidy connected on only one pass for 11-yards.

The game started with a Rocket’s touchdown drive, with Quarterback Cole Shaefer finding the endzone for an eight yard designed run. Notre Dame answered right back with a long 45-yard Kayser rushing touchdown. Fayetteville came right back, marching slowly downfield with their next possession, with Eli Wolfer finishing the drive off with a two yard power run for a score of 13-7.

In the second quarter, Fayetteville capitalized on the fumbled punt with Caleb Dowers finding the end zone this time. Notre Dame again managed to turn momentum their way with Isiah Johnson finding scoring room. The Rockets took the wind out of Spartan Stadium next, with a one play 68-yard touchdown pass from Shaefer to Timmy Crone. On the following Notre Dame possession, Kayser once again willed his team down the field cutting a huge 51-yard run, allowing Johnson to run it in from six yards for another score. The game went into halftime 27-21.

The Titans found success running from sideline to sideline and cutting up field with their jet sweep plays on numerous occasions earlier in the game, but the Rockets came out and stopped them in the second half. Notre Dame managed to score once more, but a combination of a blocked punt and a better showing of the Rocket defense in the second half spelled the end for the Titans. Fayetteville ran for a couple more scores and took control of the clock for the final score of 41-28.

“Our kids gave great effort all night long,” said Coach Bob Ashley. “We made some really crucial mistakes and turned the ball over a couple times. We played a team we shouldn’t have had mistakes against and got ourselves behind. Next week we have to go in and watch film, do the best we can to clean up the mistakes. At this point in the season, we aren’t going to change. We just have to do better.”

Notre Dame travels to Sciotoville Friday Night to play the East Tartans. Game time is at 7 p.m.

Scoring Summary:


Fayetteville- Shaefer 8 yard TD run. PAT good.

Notre Dame- Kayser 45-yard TD run. PAT good.

Fayetteville- Wolfer 2 yard TD run. PAT no good.


Fayetteville- Dower 23-yard TD run. PAT no good.

Notre Dame- Johnson 5 Yard TD run. PAT good.

Fayetteville- Shaefer 68-yard TD pass to Crone. 2 PT Conversion good.

Notre Dame- Johnson 3 yard TD run. PAT good.


Fayetteville- Crone 8 yard TD run. 2 PT conversion no good.

Notre Dame- Collins 10 yard TD run. PAT good.

Fayetteville- Dowers 64-yard TD run. 2 PT conversion good.

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