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Joseph Pratt

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Shawnee State University’s (SSU) art and literature magazine, “Silhouette,” will be closing its submission period October 31. Until then, Shawnee students and community members can submit creative writing and art to be considered for publication in the 2015 fall/winter magazine.

Most common types of work published include poetry, prose, photography, digital and traditional artwork.

“The benefit of having a university magazine is that it provides an outlet for creative writers on campus, as well as in the community, to display their work,” Neil Carpathios, SSU faculty advisor said. “It also is a less competitive way to possibly have work published as opposed to professional magazines which can be a bit more ‘cut-throat.’”

The “Silhouette” staff is completely composed of SSU students of various majors. These students review submissions, choose what is printed, edit various pieces, and design the magazine’s layout; any and all processes of the magazine are held together through student work.

The process teaches students to hone their skills in their trades and affords them the opportunity to earn experience before they enter the professional world.

Additionally, each edition showcases various guest interviews from alumni artists and writers to professionals the students have the opportunity to speak with.

Carpathios and his students pride themselves on the appealing design and materials of the magazines.

Each one flows in its own creative direction, depending on what types of submissions they receive each year.

The magazines are printed with high quality paper and inks, and features many hours of creative design by one of the art students. The magazines are often used as portfolios for the art students, because the products come out so professionally.

“’Silhouette’ continues to grow in terms of popularity as well as variety of styles, formats, and material,” Carpathios said. “We strive to make each new issue better than the last.”

Anyone interested in submitting to the magazine can attach a file and description to [email protected]. Neil Carpathios can be reached through email, [email protected].

Reach Joseph Pratt at 740-353-3101, ext. 1932, or by Twitter @JosephPratt03.

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