Churches targeted in burglaries


By Portia Williams

[email protected]

RACELAND, Ky. — The Raceland Police Department in Raceland, Ky. has been investigating a rash of church burglaries. Officer Glen Riley, of the Raceland Police Department, said money, computers, and sound equipment have been items stolen.

“Basically, what we have is some burglaries, most of them only money was taken, but in most of them some computer equipment was taken,” Riley said. “We have had four burglaries in Wurtland, one in Raceland, Boyd County has had several, and the Greenup County Sheriff has had one. I heard that there have been some reported in Ohio, but I have not able to confirm that.”

The Raceland Police Department was able to retrieve one of the computers from one of the burglaries.

“We have recovered one of the computers that we belong to one of the churches, however, we are unable to identify which church it came from,” he said.

Riley said they do have a suspect in one of the church burglary cases, but do not wish to release the individual’s name at this time.

“In one of our cases we recovered a guitar that a suspect in one of the cases tried to sell that belongs to one of the churches here in Raceland. So, we do have a suspect but we do not want to name the individual at this time.”

Officer Riley said anyone with any information regarding the recent church burglaries in Raceland should contact the Raceland Police Department at 606-836-8621.

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