SoleChoice honored for National Manufacturing Month


By Frank Lewis

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SoleChoice, a manufacturer of narrow fabrics, specializing in shoe laces as well as shoe care and foot care retail programs, located on Murray Street in Portsmouth has been named as one of five companies to be recognized during October — National Manufacturing Month — by the office of Secretary of State Jon Husted.

“What it says is we are a premium company as far as job creation and growth,” SoleChoice Vice President of Sales Bryan Davis said. “We have a unique product as well – something we can be very proud of – because mostly what we do is done down south, but the state likes to recognize companies with unique products; companies that have created jobs; companies that are growing the industry. Those are the reasons behind them selecting us.”

Davis said the state goes through a vetting process before choosing a company to single out.

“They have recognized us as premium company in the state of Ohio,” Davis said. “Someone who is making products here and as in any product, they like to showcase that company.”

Davis said, while some people believe all they make is shoelaces, they are much more.

“That is a portion of what we do but, of course with what we make, they can be utilized for more than just shoelaces,” Davis said. “We supply the medical equipment industry. We supply laces to lanyard companies and American Whistle, which is the only domestic whistle manufacturers left in the United States, and we do so much retail with customers such as Bass Pro and we do packaging for stores. Not just shoelaces, but also in shoe care such as polish, paste and brushes. Anything to make a shoe look better we do it here in Portsmouth. We sell those products as well as insoles.”

Davis said he was honored when he learned SoleChoice was chosen to be singled out.

“We’re very honored by the recognition from the Secretary of State,” Davis said. “We are very honored that they would choose to recognize us especially during such an important time, this being National Manufacturing Month.”

Davis said it is easy to figure out why SoleChoice is such a successful company.

“We can’t do any of it without the great people that we work with,” Davis said. “Not only just our workers, the people who are working in the factory every day doing a great job but also our customers. So we are very blessed in that we have a group of wonderful people to work with and a wonderful group of people to work for. So we’re very blessed in that regard.”

Davis said Sole Choice is committed to making a positive impact on the market by proudly displaying the “Made in USA” banner on the products they sell and giving the consumer a quality product.

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