Portsmouth to get huge discount in BWC premium


By Frank Lewis

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The city of Portsmouth stands to receive substantial savings in their premium paid to the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation. Renee Matiz, Assistant to City Manager Derek K. Allen said the city’s estimated annual premium would have been $412,392, but with the BWC Transition Credit of $206,196, the new net premium should be $206,196, with potential stackable savings also possible.

Matiz said the city received a four percent discount the first year of its Drug Free Workplace program, netting the city $16,496 back to the city. Then, because the city was compliant with the first year, the second year’s discount goes up to seven percent. Again because the city is compliant it would receive $28,867

“I do post-accident drug testing. I do random drug testing. I do pre-employment drug testing,” Matiz said. “We get these savings back. I had to write policies and implement those and I have to do recording on our drug testing. Therefore we are going to get $28,000 back on that.”

Another discount deals with what is called the Industry Specific Safety program.

“I do training. I do demonstrations each month with our employees,” Matiz said. “This past year I have done eye protection, ear protection. We did trenching safety. We’ve done those this year. Next month, because of what’s going on in the U.S. I am doing active shooter safety training. In November we are going to do a fire safety training. We do these each month and then I do reports back to BWC. I implement policy and procedure and we’re getting a discount with that because we have been compliant with this program.”

As a result of compliance the city will most likely get back $12,372. Additionally the city could get back $41,239 for Transitional Work meaning the city has had no loss claims in the last year.

“That means when I have an employee get hurt I bring them back for light duty,” Matiz said. “They can’t go out and work in the plant but they can do paperwork. They can do something to supplement their income. They can do some type of work.”

Two other potential stackable savings include $2,000 for Go Green and $2,000 for being lapse free. Matiz was reluctant to give a final savings amount since it is subject to change based on any perceived differences the state could find, though she does not expect that to happen.

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