County appoints 2 humane agents


By Wayne Allen

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Scioto Common Pleas Probate Division Judge Alan Lemons on Friday set the number of Humane Agents Scioto County will have, and selected agents to fill those roles.

Lemons decided the county will have two humane agents and selected Mark and Tammy DeJarnette for the jobs.

Lemons held a hearing last week, largely attended by those interested in the process. At the hearing, it was made known several applications were turned into the court. It was also made known only three of the applicants met requirements necessary training and were already appointed by the Scioto County Humane Society. The three qualified candidates were Rhonda Rose and Mark and Tammy DeJarnette.

Lemons asked a variety of people in attendance how many agents they thought the county needed. Answers varied from one to 10, with one of the major concerns being the importance of not sending one agent to respond to a call alone, for safety purposes.

“I do believe they (Mark and Tammy DeJarnette) will be good at it,” Lemons said. Lemons said he encouraged the couple to schedule a time for them to introduce themselves to Portsmouth Municipal Judges Steve Mowery and Russ Kegley before they start issuing citations

The appointment of Mark and Tammy DeJarnette became effective Friday. Lemons said if the couple become inundated with responsibilities, he can review the number the amount of humane agents needed and said the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office will aid humane agents in enforcing the law.

Lemons said agents appointed would work with law enforcement and would only work in the county and not inside the city of Portsmouth.

Lemons also wanted to give some credit to Scioto County Commissioner Doug Coleman for adding in the process of getting humane agents.

“I wanted to give a special thanks to Doug Coleman for helping to get this hearing going and getting this appointment done. He’s been fielding phone calls and helping my staff get these things moving,” Lemons said.

Lemons said he had spoken with the Scioto County Commissioners, many people on his staff and in the community that’s interested in making sure the job of humane agent is done properly and well.

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