Kingdom labor is never in vain


By Portia Williams

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Some of the busiest people on earth are Christians who serve in a church at their ‘church home,’ if you will. When the church doors open on Sunday, and close Sunday afternoon, behind the scenes, this is truly only the beginning. After generous giving has been rendered by church membership and visitors who attend the services — the work begins. Now, all churches have different structures, and different titles for church officers and leadership, but one universal attribute is that someone has to do the work, and someone has to pay the bills, wouldn’t you agree? In most churches, you have Trustees, and or joint board, who typically oversee the financial aspects of the church. Pastors and ministers are responsible for preaching and teaching the congregation, as well as lay members who oversee small groups, and do an incredible amount of teaching as well.

Who can forget youth pastors, and the members who work tirelessly with the youth population of the church. What patience is takes to help with youth Bible studies and or Sunday School, children’s church, and the whole gamete of youth ministry. There are the evangelists, and membership at churches who implement outreach efforts, looking for ways to distribute the gospel of Jesus Christ, and ways to meet some of the natural needs to people in the community.

I could go on and on. For as it pertains to the kingdom of God, there is always something to do, some ways to serve, or some time to give. Honestly, depending upon one’s level of commitment to a local church, it can at times be, a bit much if we do not keep this in mind — your labor is not in vain! That’s right, whenever you willingly give of your time and effort for the furtherance of God’s kingdom, his word assures us that he sees it all, and will reward you accordingly. I get no greater joy or contentment here on earth, than to do something for God’s purposes, to serve at my home church in one of the ministries, to help pass out food to a family in need, or simply pick up paper off of the sanctuary floor. There are no small tasks in the kingdom of God, he regards it all, and in the process, someone else is blessed! Isn’t that what is all about my friend, helping others? Do we get weary sometimes, no matter what capacity we serve in? Well, sure we do. Do we get discouraged along the way at times? Absolutely. However, we must keep our focus on this fact — it is all for the kingdom of God! So the next time you come in from church and collapse in the chair, or perhaps feel as if your labor is in vain, take comfort in knowing that God is pleased, lives are touched, and God is glorified!

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