Commissioners consider recycling program


By Wayne Allen

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The Scioto County Commissioners are considering the implementation of a recycling program in the county courthouse. The program would cut down on waste and would be done in corporation with the Lawrence Scioto Solid Waste Management District.

Late last week the commissioners met with Lawrence Scioto Solid Waste Management District Director Dan Palmer to discuss implementing such a program.

“All three commissioners agreed this is something we need to look into. My job is to put together a plan,” said Bryan Davis, Scioto County Commissioner.

Palmer brought to the meeting several recycling containers that could be located within the courthouse.

Davis said a recycling program has been considered for the courthouse before, but could not be worked out.

Through a program of the Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste Management District, recycling containers are spread throughout Scioto and Lawrence counties. The containers allow residents to properly dispose of acceptable items.

The district began its recycling program in 2006 with 29 sites and 29 containers. Currently the program has 34 sites and 89 containers located throughout Lawrence and Scioto counties. Six drop-boxes have been added since January 2014 to meet the recycling needs of residents.

Through the Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste Management District program, residents are permitted to bring mixed material to a recycling to a site, with no separation required. Acceptable items accepted at the recycling sites include, plastic bottles and jugs, glass bottles and jars, cartons, metal cans, paper and cardboard.

Davis said initial talks included having recycling containers throughout the courthouse and annex. He said they are trying to work out a location could be worked out for a container placed outside the courthouse.

Davis said, if implemented, a recycling program could cut down on trash generated within the courthouse and annex. He said if successful the program could spread to other counties properties. He said there would need to be a plan put in place before such a program is implemented, the plan would include some training for maintenance staff. The training would include what are acceptable items to be recycled.

In total, the residents of Lawrence and Scioto County recycled 1,854.42 tons of material in 2014. During the first six months of 2015 district residents have recycled 1029.56 tons of recyclable material. In January 130.96 tons of materials were collected, February 94.41, March 208.83, April 162.90, May 162.44, June 117.05 and July 152.97.

According to, some of the benefits of recycling include, Recycling reduces the need for landfills and incineration of solid waste. Recycling conserves the natural resources such as timber, water and minerals. By conserving resources today, recycling ensures there will be plenty left for future generations.

“Our reasoning behind it is to do the right thing,” Davis said. “How can we ask other people to do it, if we’re not doing it ourselves.”

For more information and a list of recycling locations visit the Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste Management District, visit

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