Write-in candidates file for election


By Wayne Allen

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The deadline to file as a write-in candidate for the November General Election was Monday. Five people have filed as write-in candidates for four offices.

Jo Ann Aeh filed to be a write-in candidate to be the Second Ward Representative on Portsmouth City Council. Current second ward representative is not seeking the office.

Dave Huffman, Myra Shields, Thomas Smith and Mary Sommer are seeking three seats on the Board of Education for the Portsmouth City School District. Huffman has filed to be a write-in candidate.

Raymond Eichenlaub has filed to be a write-in candidate for Brush Township Trustee. Michael Stump will also be on the ballot seeking the same position.

Albert Breech and Randy Eichenlaub have filed to be write-in candidates for Rush Township Trustee. Jarrod Montavon will also be in the ballot, seeking the same office.

Write-in candidate’s names will not appear on the ballot, they will only be identified as a write-in candidate along with others seeking the office.

Also included on the November General Election Ballot will be a number local issues and races throughout Scioto County, and three state issues.

If approved State Issue 1, would create a bipartisan process for drawling Ohio House and Senate districts. The process would include a goal of having district boundaries that are more compact and politically competitive. Those campaigning for the issue have stated one of the goals would be to split as few counties, municipalities and townships as possible. Those against the issue argue, competitive districts are not a virtue, because politicians have to spend so much time campaigning for reelection and are not able to do as much legislative work.

State Representative Dr. Terry Johnson currently represents the 90th District which includes all of Scioto and Adams counties and part of Lawrence County. Ohio Senator Joe Uecker represents the 14th District includes, Adams, Brown, Clermont, Scioto and part of Lawrence County.

State Issue 2, if approved, would prohibit and individual or entity from proposing a constitutional amendment that would grant a monopoly, oligopoly or cartel, specify or determine a tax rate, or confer a commercial interest, right or license that is not available to similarly situated people or nonpublic agencies.

Those in favor of Issue 2, state if approved the issue would ensure prohibit special interests from amending the Ohio Constitution to create monopolies, oligopolies of cartels. Nineteen states have constitutional provisions banning monopolies. Those against the measure state, if the people of Ohio want to allow the creation of a monopoly or cartel, they should be given the opportunity to do so, and not barriers should state in their way.

State Issue 3 asks to legalize marijuana for medical and personal use by adults 21 and older.

Those in favor of State Issue 3 argue the issue establishes an industry that would create tens of thousands of jobs in Ohio. It permits, regulates and taxes marijuana sales by licensed growers and retailers. It will eventually generate more than $550 million annually in tax revenue, 85 percent of which will go to local governments.

Proponents imply that Issue 3 allows small amount of marijuana for recreational use. In reality, it allows every adult 21 or over in the state the right to possess as much as nine ounces of marijuana, or about 500 average-sized marijuana joins. In addition, every adult could possess four flowering marijuana plants at home. Issue 3 allows 1,159 retail marijuana stores — more locations than Starbucks or McDonalds, and nearly three times the number of state liquor stores.

Ballot Language, explanation as well as arguments both for and against each of the state issues can be found at http://www.sos.state.oh.us/SOS/LegnAndBallotIssues/BallotBoard.aspx#Issues

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