Talks of Regional Shelter begin


By Portia Williams

[email protected]

GREENUP COUNTY, Ky. — Greenup County Judge Executive Bobby Carpenter recently met with members of FIVCO to present his idea of regional animal shelter composed of multiple counties in the surrounding area.

Carpenter said the initial talks of the regional shelter idea included first to find the resources to bring it into fruition.

“We had a meeting Monday at FIVCO, in which we asked all five of our counties to check and see if we have any grants available, or any kind of money available to maybe build a region animal shelter for the five counties,” Carpenter said.

He said the region is composed of five counties, Boyd, Carter, Greenup, Elliot, and Lawrence counties in Kentucky.

“Even though Boyd County is in good shape, they said they still want to be kept in the loop,” he said. “I (Greenup) have a very small one, and then Carter County doesn’t have one, Elliot County contracts with Lewis County, and Carter County contracts with Rowan County, so they would all be interested. Lawrence County has an all volunteer, and they are interested too.”

He said the thoughts of the regional shelter are still in the infancy stages.

“So we are just in the looking stages right now, just looking around to see if there is any money available,” he said. “We can come up with the property to build one somewhere out in our area on one of the properties in one of the four counties.”

He said the four counties will continue to pursue the necessary resources and measures for the regional shelter, and that more information regarding the plans are forthcoming.

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