Greenup recognizes “golden” staff


By Joseph Pratt

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Greenup County (Ky.) Schools began its new school year by honoring some of its standout staff who have shown outstanding customer service and have continuously set the “gold standard” in their respective fields.

“All GCSD employees are working together to support our new vision, the gold standard in education; the foundation of our community,” Superintendent Sherry Horsley said. “These individuals exemplify the gold standard in providing a high quality education and creating a culture of excellence. We are proud to recognize their service to the students and families in our district.”

The school is pushing this new in initiative to show community and school pride. They’ve preached it to students and staff, and even have it posted in their website at

“Our ultimate goal is a gold standard, which is to provide every child with a quality education that will allow them to compete in the world of the workforce or post-secondary school that they go into,” Horsley said. “We want to work as a team to help all our students meet the gold standards.”

The honored few went outside the realm of the education staff; it encompassed their entire personnel.

“I personally believe it takes a village to educate a student,” Horsley said. “What that means is that all of our staff members play a role in achieving student success. It takes the bus driver, who is the first person to see that student in the morning and is the last to see the student in the evening. It takes the janitor who works hard to keep the school clean so the students can learn. It takes the cafeteria staff to keep the students fed and healthy. It takes the teaching staff to implement the instructional needs.”

The staff members honored included Principal Jeff Wireman; teachers Lee Ann Stout, Debbie Harbour, and Cindy Collier; bus mechanic Josh Brewer; custodian Carol Gillum; secretary Tammy Riffe; cook Naomi Morman; and instructional assistant Janet Baldridge.

Outside of the staff named for having a gold standard, several employees received recognition for attaining more the fifty hours of professional learning. Those employees include Paul Sites, Dennis Rice, Delinda Stapleton, Michele Workman, Jenifer Johnson, Pamela Evans, Kristen Arthur, and Robin Virgin.

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