Cornerstone to hold Service of Blessing for educators


By Portia Williams

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Unarguably, being an educator in today’s society is perhaps one of the most challenging endeavors. The leadership and congregation of Cornerstone United Methodist Church recognize this fact and will be holding a Service of Blessing for educators, students, and all affiliated with the field of education on Sunday, Aug. 16, at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Tom Charles, an associate pastor at Cornerstone UMC, said they pray over all associated with education who are present in the services.

“Typically, at the start of school, we will invite from the congregation all of the folks that are associated with education, teachers, administrators, and students, regardless of the grade that they are involved in,” Charles said. “Basically, everyone that has an educational connection we will call all of them to come forward and we will generally, offer blessings for them as a group.”

He said prayer for educators and students is vital for the day and time in which we live.

“So, it is part of our worship service. It is not a component to the service that takes a long time, but it is a piece that we integrate into the Morning Worship Service,” he said. “So, that is kind of what we are up to with that. Special prayer for this time we believe is crucial, because we are living in some very serious times with problems and issues that we did not have to deal with years ago.”

He said their is no particular recruitment for participation in this part of this services, but welcome all who are present in the service at the time the prayers are rendered.

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