Greenup school hall of fame invites


By Joseph Pratt

[email protected]

The Greenup County School District’s (GCSD) Hall of Fame Selection Committee has decided to open nominations for the fourth class of inductees into the school district’s hall of fame.

The members of the committee have considered the type of people they are looking for and will be accepting nominations until August 28, 2015. The new addition will join 19 others who are already featured.

Membership in the Greenup County School District Hall of Fame consists of graduates, advisors, coaches, and other individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the Greenup County School District.

Alumni who are submitted must have brought special recognition to themselves and/or Greenup Schools through work and successful endeavors. They must also demonstrate high quality characteristics and leadership during attendance and following graduation from Greenup County High School. No person may be considered for nomination for at least 20 years following their graduation.

Personnel will be considered if they were an employee who, through personal endeavor, leadership, and sacrifice, over a period of years, made an extraordinary contribution to the success of Greenup County Schools.

While these mentioned criteria exist to ensure quality of the members inducted to the GCSD Hall of Fame, the selection committee has the latitude to make exceptions.

“We are looking for former graduates or employees of Greenup County School System,” Superintendent Sherry Horsley, who also serves on the GCSD Hall of Fame Selection Committee, said. “We want people who have been standout members of the community in Greenup County. This is an opportunity for them to be in a group that honors them for their success. It is also an opportunity that allows these people to work together, as a team, to do more good for the area.”

Horsley said that there are a lot of ways that the members of the hall of fame can contribute, but said some ways are just as simple as being on it.

“We want to give these people a platform to be role models on for our students and give representation of all the things they can accomplish,” Horsley said.

Nomination forms are available on the school’s website at They can also be picked up in the office of the Greenup County Board of Education at 45 Musketeer Drive, Greenup, Kentucky, 41144.

Completed nominations may be e-mailed to Scarlet Shoemaker at [email protected] or submit it to the Greenup County Board of Education.

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