Derby to be a smash hit


By Joseph Pratt

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The Pike County Fair is revving up for its annual demolition derby, which will run two nights and draw in the attention of hundreds with mowers, street cars, compacts and more. The fair’s 2015 schedule of events list the demolition derby on Friday, Aug. 7, and Saturday, Aug. 8, both at 7 p.m in the grandstands.

Chris Brust, Pike County Fair Board secretary, assists in organizing the demolition derby. Brust has been involved with the board for 11 years, has served as secretary for 9 years, and has a 40-year history with the fair in various capacities.

“The demo derby at Pike County Fair usually goes over really well,” Brust said. “We are one of the largest demo derbies that Smash It Demo Derbies puts on in a year. We sometimes have upwards to 80 cars or so during a Saturday evening show. We do lawnmower races, also, along with the derby. It is a good time.”

Brust said that the events will include a variety of different machines immediately following the toddler derby opener of plastic ‘kiddie’ cars, making the events a truly family friendly atmosphere.

“It draws in a huge crowd for family fun,” Brust said. “Everyone can enjoy a derby, young and old alike.”

The demolition derbies are organized by Smash It Demolition Derbies, which operates out of London, Ohio. The organization oversees the demolition derbies of 40 out of the 80 county fairs in Ohio. Tim Clark oversees company operations. The derbies at Pike County will include the smash it class, compact cars, modified full-size cars, mowers, and power wheels.

Brust said that he and the Pike County Fair Board have utilized the derby organization for years, growing to be one of the company’s largest customers. He said they use the group for various events throughout the year and look forward to many more smashing performances.

For more information on Smash It Demolition Derbies and the derby they will host at the Pike County Fair, visit For more information on the Pike County Fair Board, as well as the schedule of events for the 2015 fair, visit

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