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By Joseph Pratt

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Portsmouth Elementary School’s administration is undergoing some slight changes this year, as longtime Principal Dana Pollock pulls back from some of her principal duties and focuses more on curriculum. Many of the previous responsibilities handled by Pollock will now be in the hands of Beth Born.

The changes came when the district position for curriculum director became available in the Portsmouth City Schools Central Office. Pollock absorbed may of those responsibilities, along with fellow High School Principal Doug Poage.

To better manage the workload, some of her tasks, including staff evaluations and more, have been given to Co-Principal Beth Born, who was hired just last year and has a contract extended until 2017. Born was a teacher for 12 years and is still getting her toes wet in administration in her second year.

“We re still basically co-principals, but our duties have changed as she spends more time in central office,” Born said. “I will be looking more at teacher evaluations and building requirements. She will be focusing on curriculum and central office responsibilities.”

Born said that she has enjoyed learning the ropes of principalship and looks forward to many more years of it.

“I’m pretty content with where I am now,” Born said. “I love our students and I love contributing in this way to society. The reward is getting to watch these kids come and go every day and watching them grow.”

Pollock said that the position of director of curriculum has been absorbed by her and Poage, in respects of their individual buildings. They will be working on the Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP) and will be be facilitating the Ohio Improvement Process for the district. They will also be looking at the curriculum for all grades and data that plays into all of it. Their new duties will ensure Portsmouth students are learning what they need and that the district is growing.

“I’m excited about it,” Pollock said. “I am ready to see what I can do with it and how I can help our kids.”

Students of Portsmouth will return to class on Aug. 19; in the meantime, Poage, Pollock, and Born will be juggling their new responsibilities and preparing the curriculum and classrooms for the young Trojans.

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